FONT System Option: Windows

Specifies a font to use for SAS windows.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Environment Control: Display
Default: Sasfont 8
Windows specifics: all


Required Arguments


specifies the name of the font for text in the SAS windowing environment. This name must be a valid font name (for example, "SAS Monospace” or “Courier"). The font-name argument must be enclosed in double quotation marks. This argument is required.


specifies the weight of the font. The default is NORMAL.


specifies the style of the font. The default is REGULAR.


specifies the font size to use for printing. This value must be an integer from 1 to 7200, inclusive. If you omit this argument, SAS uses the last selected size unless there is no previous size, in that case 8 is used.


specifies the character set to use. The default is “Western.” Some possible valid values are Western, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Baltic, and Thai. If the font does not support the specified character set, the default character set is used. If the default character set is not supported by the font, the font's default character set is used.


Valid font names are shown in the Fonts folder. To open the Fonts folder, type font in the Run dialog box. For example, you can use the following option with the SAS command:
-font "sas monospace bold" 12
SAS displays output best with a monospace (fixed-pitch) font. If you use a proportional (variable pitch) font, text can display incorrectly. If you specify a point-size that is not valid for a font, SAS uses the closest point size for the font that you specify.