SYSGUIFONT System Option: Windows

Specifies a font to use for the button text and the descriptive text.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment Control: Display
Default: depends upon display settings
Windows specifics: all


-SYSGUIFONT "font-name" <font-size>

Syntax Description


specifies the name of the font for text in screen and dialog box text elements. This name must be a valid font name (for example, “Times New Roman” or “Courier”) that matches the name of the font as it is installed on your system. The font-name must be enclosed in double quotation marks, and is a required argument.


specifies the font size to use for the window text. If you omit font-size, SAS uses the default.


The SYSGUIFONT system option controls the font size of the text for screen text and dialog box text elements. Use the FONT system option to change the fonts for the window contents. You might need to maximize the SAS window in order to allow space for large fonts to be readable.