OPTIONS Procedure: Windows

Lists the current values of all SAS system options.
Windows specifics: Host options
See: OPTIONS Procedure in SAS System Options: Reference


PROC OPTIONS <options(s)> ;

Required Argument

This version is a simplified version of the OPTIONS procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see the OPTIONS procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.


The OPTIONS procedure lists the current settings of the SAS system options.
The options displayed by the OPTIONS procedure that are not operating environment specific (session and configuration) are the same for every operating environment, although the default values can differ slightly. However, the environment-specific options displayed by this procedure are different for each operating environment. The following display shows some sample operating environment options for the Windows environment, as generated by this code:
proc options host;
Windows Operating Environment Options Displayed by PROC OPTIONS
Host Options:
                   Enable Extended Accessibility
 ALTLOG=           Specifies the destination for a copy of the SAS log
 ALTPRINT=         Specifies the destination for a copy of the SAS procedure output file
                   Authentication providers associated with domain suffixes
 AUTHSERVER=       Specify the authentication server or domain.
 AUTOEXEC=         Specifies the autoexec file to be used
                   Used to customize the appearance for the SAS AWS.  Valid parameters are:
 AWSDEF=(  0   0  79 79)
                   Specify the initial size and position of the SAS AWS. This should be
                   specified as follows: 0 0 100 100
 AWSMENU           Show the main window's (AWS) menu.
 AWSMENUMERGE      Add host specific menu items to the main window's (AWS) menu.
 NOTE:  PROCEDURE OPTIONS used:( Total process time)
        real time           0.01 seconds
        cpu time            0.01 seconds
The option values listed are examples. The output of PROC OPTIONS depends on many things. Some option values depend on what method you use to run SAS. For example, the default line size under the SAS windowing environment is 75 lines on a VGA display, while it is 132 lines in batch mode. Also, the way you have set up your process affects the default values of system options. For example, the default value of the SASAUTOS= option depends on where you store your autocall macros.
Using PROC OPTIONS, you can check the values of all system options. If you want more information about a particular operating environment option, refer to variable attributes in SAS System Options under Windows or Using SAS Software in Your Operating Environment in the SAS Help and Documentation.