DATASETS Procedure: Windows

Lists, copies, renames, and deletes SAS files and also manages indexes for and appends SAS data sets in a SAS library.
Windows specifics: Directory information; CONTENTS statement output
See: DATASETS Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide


PROC DATASETS <options(s)> ;
CONTENTS <options(s)> ;

Required Argument

This version is a simplified version of the DATASETS procedure syntax. For the complete syntax, see the DATASETS procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.


The DATASETS procedure is a utility procedure that manages your SAS files.
The SAS library information that is displayed in the SAS log by the DATASETS procedure depends on the operating environment and the engine. The following example SAS log shows the information (for the V9 engine) that the DATASETS procedure generates under Windows.
SAS Library Information from PROC DATASETS
                 PROC DATASETS library=work;
                        Libref         WORK
                        Engine         V9
                        Physical Name  C:\DOCUME~1\sasusr\LOCALS~1\Temp\SAS Temporary Files\_TD2663
                        File Name      C:\DOCUME~1\sasusr\LOCALS~1\Temp\SAS Temporary Files\_TD2663
                                    Member     File
                        #  Name     Type       Size  Last Modified
                        1  GSEG     CATALOG   54272   17MAR2003:13:20:23
                        2  HAT      DATA      46080   17MAR2003:13:20:20
                        3  SASGOPT  CATALOG    5120   17MAR2003:13:20:21
The output shows you the libref, engine, and physical name that are associated with the library, as well as the names and other properties of the SAS files that are contained in the library.
The CONTENTS statement in the DATASETS procedure generates the same Engine Host Dependent Information as the CONTENTS procedure.