PMENU Procedure: Windows

Defines menu facilities for windows created with SAS software.
Windows specifics: ACCELERATE= option accepted for several key combinations
See: PMENU Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide


PROC PMENU <CATALOG=<libref.> catalog> <DESC 'entry-description'> ;
ITEM command <option(s)> ;
ITEM 'menu-item' <option(s)> ;

Required Argument

This version is a simplified version of the PMENU procedure syntax. For the complete syntax, see the PMENU procedure in PMENU Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.

defines a key sequence that can be used instead of selecting an item. When you press the key sequence, it has the same effect as selecting the item from the menu bar or menu.
Under Windows, the ACCELERATE= option in the ITEM statement is accepted only for the following key combinations:
  • Ctrl + A (Select All)
  • Ctrl + C (Copy)
  • Ctrl + F (Find)
  • Ctrl + N (New)
  • Ctrl + O (Include)
  • Ctrl + P (Print)
  • Ctrl + S (File)
  • Ctrl +V (Paste)
  • Ctrl +X (Cut).
  • Ctrl + Z (Undo)
  • Del (Clear)


The PMENU procedure defines menus that can be used in DATA step windows, macro windows, SAS/AF and SAS/FSP windows, or in any SAS application that enables you to specify customized menus.
If you use these alternate key combinations in your SAS program, the Edit menu shows the standard key combination. However, you can use either the standard or alternate key combination to activate the menu item.