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System Options under OpenVMS

SASAUTOS= System Option: OpenVMS

Specifies the autocall macro library.
Default: SASAUTOS logical name
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window, VMS_SAS_OPTIONS DCL symbol
Category: Environment control: Files
Macro: SAS macro
OpenVMS specifics: valid values for library-specification
See: SASAUTOS System Option in SAS Macro Language: Reference

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SASAUTOS=library-specification | (library-specification-1, . . . , library-specification-n)


can be any valid reference to an aggregate storage location under OpenVMS (directories or OpenVMS text libraries). The specification can be a fileref or an OpenVMS logical name (including search strings) or pathname. OpenVMS pathnames must be enclosed in quotation marks. (Remember that quotation marks used in the SAS command must be double quotation marks unless a symbol is implied, as discussed in INITSTMT= System Option: OpenVMS.) Any aggregate storage location specifications that are not enclosed in quotation marks are considered logical names.


Under OpenVMS, the default is the SASAUTOS logical name. If no SASAUTOS logical name is defined and an autocall library is referenced, the following message appears:

ERROR: No file referenced by SASAUTOS OPTION can 
  be opened.
WARNING: Source level autocall is not found or 
  cannot be opened.
Autocall has been suspended and OPTION 
  NOMAUTOSOURCE has been set.
To use the autocall facility again, set OPTION 

Do not override the definition of the SASAUTOS logical name.

Several parts of SAS require the macros that are defined in the supplied SASAUTOS files. These parts include SAS/ASSIST software and the PMENU facility under the SAS windowing environment autocall libraries.   [cautionend]

When you specify two or more autocall libraries in the SAS command, you must enclose the specifications in parentheses and use commas to separate multiple specifications. Blanks are not acceptable delimiters in the SAS command, but they are accepted if you specify the SASAUTOS option in the OPTIONS statement.

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