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System Options under OpenVMS

RSASUSER System Option: OpenVMS

Controls access to members in the SASUSER library.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, VMS_SAS_OPTIONS DCL symbol
Category: Environment control: Files
OpenVMS specifics: availability of SASUSER library to users
See: RSASUSER System Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary





limits access to the SASUSER library to read-only access.


prevents users from sharing SASUSER library members, because it allows a user to open a SASUSER library member for UPDATE access. UPDATE access requires exclusive rights to the library member. When NORSASUSER is in effect and another user tries to share the PROFILE catalog, a temporary PROFILE catalog is created in the Work directory.


Under the OpenVMS environment, it is common to have a SASUSER library that is shared by a group of users. By default, if one user has a library member open for update, all other users are denied access to that library member. For example, if one user is writing data to the SASUSER.PROFILE catalog, no other user can even read data from the PROFILE catalog. Specifying RSASUSER enables a group of users to share SASUSER library members by allowing all the users only read-only access to members. In this PROFILE catalog example, if RSASUSER is in effect, each user can open the PROFILE catalog for read-only access, allowing other users to concurrently read from the PROFILE catalog. However, no user would be able to write information to the PROFILE catalog.

Specifying RSASUSER in a SAS session affects only that session's access to files. To enable a group of users to share members in the SASUSER library, the system manager should set RSASUSER in a configuration file that is shared by all the users who will be accessing the files. For example, RSASUSER can be contained in a file referenced by a group-level SAS$CONFIG logical name.

Note:   The usefulness of the RSASUSER option depends on how SAS is being used. Although the RSASUSER system option is extremely useful when users must share information (such as the PROFILE catalog) that is stored in the SASUSER library, it is not useful if these same users are using SAS/ASSIST software. SAS/ASSIST software requires UPDATE access to the SASUSER library.  [cautionend]

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