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Informats under OpenVMS

HEXw. Informat: OpenVMS

Converts hexadecimal positive binary values to integer (fixed-point) or real (floating-point) binary values.
Category: numeric
Width range: 1 to 16
Default width: 8
OpenVMS specifics: ASCII character-encoding system
See: HEXw. Informat in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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specifies the field width of the input value. If you specify a w value of 1 through 15, the input hexadecimal value is converted to a fixed-point number. If you specify 16 for the w value, the input hexadecimal value is converted to a floating-point number.


Under OpenVMS, the hexadecimal format of the number is stored in ASCII representation.

For more information about OpenVMS floating-point representation, see OpenVMS Programming Interfaces: Calling a System Routine, Appendix B.

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