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Functions and CALL Routines under OpenVMS

GETJPI Function: OpenVMS

Retrieves job-process information.
Category: General-Purpose OpenVMS
OpenVMS specifics: All aspects are host-specific





is a character variable that contains any item accepted by the F$GETJPI lexical function, for example, a user process name. For more information about the F$GETJPI lexical function, see OpenVMS DCL Dictionary.


can be either character (process-name variable) or numeric (process-ID variable). If the PID parameter is a character variable, GETJPI looks up information for a process whose name matches the value of the character variable. However, because of the way in which character variables are passed to functions, the GETJPI function must trim trailing blanks from the character variable. For this reason, you cannot use character variables to specify a process name if the process name itself contains trailing blanks. Instead, you should either use a numeric value to specify the process ID, or you should omit the trailing blanks from the name of the process. If you do not specify this argument, the current process is used.


The GETJPI function returns the job-process information as a character string. If the job-process information string is longer than the length of the target variable, it is truncated.

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