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Functions and CALL Routines under OpenVMS

GETDVI Function: OpenVMS

Returns a specified item of information from a device.
Category: General-Purpose OpenVMS
OpenVMS specifics: All aspects are host-specific





specifies a physical device name or a logical name equated to a physical device name. Specify the device name as a character-string expression.

After the device-name argument is evaluated, the F$GETDVI lexical function examines the first character of the name. If the first character is an underscore (_), the name is considered a physical device name. Otherwise, a maximum of 10 levels of logical name translations are performed, and the equivalence names, if any, are used.


is a character variable that contains any item accepted by the F$GETDVI lexical function (for example, the physical device name). For more information about the F$GETDVI lexical function, see OpenVMS DCL Dictionary.


The GETDVI function returns the device information as a character string. If the device information string is longer than the length of the target variable, it is truncated.

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