Lists the current settings of SAS system options.
UNIX specifics: options available only under UNIX
See: OPTIONS Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide


PROC OPTIONS <option(s)>;

Optional Argument

displays only host options (HOST) or only portable options (NOHOST). PORTABLE is an alias for NOHOST.


The Basics

This version is a simplified version of the OPTIONS procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see OPTIONS Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.
PROC OPTIONS lists the current settings of the system options that are available in all operating environments, as well as the system options that are available in the UNIX environment. If you specify the HOST option in the PROC OPTIONS statement, it lists those options that are available only under UNIX (host options). The option values that are displayed by PROC OPTIONS depend on the default values of SAS, the default values specified by your site administrator, the default values in your own configuration file, any changes made in your current session through the System Options window or OPTIONS statement, and possibly, the device on which you are running SAS.
For information about a specific option, see SAS System Options under UNIX.

Identifying Where an Option Was Set

You can specify the VALUE option in a PROC OPTIONS statement to identify the option’s scope and the method that was used to set the option. If an option’s value is set using multiple methods (for example, in an OPTIONS statement or in multiple configuration files), the VALUE option identifies which method determines the effective value. If the method is a configuration file, the VALUE option identifies the file path.
Use the following PROC OPTIONS statement to specify the VALUE option:
proc options option=option-name value;
For more information, see OPTIONS Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.