PMENU Procedure: UNIX

Defines menu facilities for windows that are created with SAS software.
UNIX specifics: ATTR= and COLOR= options in the TEXT statement have no effect; ACCELERATE= and MNEMONIC= options in the ITEM statement are ignored
See: PMENU Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide


PROC PMENU <CATALOG=<libref.> catalog> <DESC 'entry-description'> ;

Optional Arguments

specifies the catalog in which you want to store PMENU entries. If you omit libref, the PMENU entries are stored in a catalog in the Sasuser library. If you omit CATALOG=, the entries are stored in the Sasuser.Profile catalog.
DESC 'entry-description'
provides a description of the PMENU catalog entries created in the step.


Note: This version is a simplified version of the PMENU procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see PMENU Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.
The PMENU procedure defines PMENU facilities for windows created by using the WINDOW statement in Base SAS software, the %WINDOW macro statement, the BUILD procedure of SAS/AF software, or the SAS Component Language (SCL) PMENU function with SAS/AF and SAS/FSP software.
Under UNIX, the following options are ignored:
  • ATTR= and COLOR= options in the TEXT statement. The colors and attributes for text and input fields are controlled by the CPARMS colors specified in the SASCOLOR window. For more information, see Customizing Colors in UNIX Environments.
  • ACCELERATE= and the MNEMONIC= options in the TITLE Statement in SAS Statements: Reference.