FONTREG Procedure: z/OS

Adds system fonts to the SAS registry.
z/OS specifics: Statement support for non-USS sites; font file requirements


SAS distributes font files for use by the universal printer GIF driver as native z/OS files with the following characteristics:
  • Data Set Organization (DSORG) = PS
  • Record Format (RECFM) = FBS
  • Logical Record Length (LRECL) = 1.
In this format, the FONTREG procedure requires the FONTFILE statement. All other statements for this procedure require a directory specification, which is incompatible with native z/OS files. Also, omitting all statements implies a directory search of the directory specified by the FONTSLOC= system option. The specification for the FONTSLOC= option for native z/OS files does not specify a directory.
The font files can be copied to the UNIX file system. Placing the font files in a UFS directory allows full functionality of the FONTREG procedure, with support for all statements. Also, if no statement is supplied, the specification of the FONTSLOC= system option for UFS allows for a directory specification.

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