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Informats under z/OS

RBw.d Informat: z/OS

Reads real binary (floating-point) data.
Width range: 2- 8 bytes
Default width: 4
Decimal range: 0-10
z/OS specifics: IBM floating-point format
See: RBw.d Informat in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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The w value specifies the number of bytes, not the number of digits. If the informat specification includes a d value, the number is divided by 10d.

The format of floating-point numbers is host-specific. See the data representation information in SAS Language Reference: Concepts for a description of the IBM floating-point format that is used under z/OS.

The following examples show how data that represent decimal numbers are read as floating-point numbers using the RBw.d informat:

Data Line (Hexadecimal) Informat Value Notes
434CE00000000000 rb8.1 123 a d value of 1 causes the number to be divided by 101
44300C0000000000 rb8.2 123 a d value of 2 causes the number to be divided by 102
C27B000000000000 rb8. -123
434D200000000000 rb8. 1234
41C4000000000000 rb8. 12.25

Note:   In these examples, Data Line (Hexadecimal) represents the bit pattern stored, which is the value you see if you view it in a text editor that displays values in hexadecimal representation. Value is the number that is used by SAS after the data pattern has been read using the corresponding informat.  [cautionend]

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