GANNO Procedure

Overview: GANNO Procedure

The GANNO procedure displays graphs created by Annotate data sets. The procedure can also be used to scale data-dependent graphics to fit the graphics output area. Note that the GANNO procedure ignores all currently defined title and footnote statements and some graphics option specifications, including BORDER=. To include titles, footnotes, and graphics options along with your Annotate data set, use the GSLIDE procedure instead of the GANNO procedure. For more information about the Annotate facility, see Using Annotate Data Sets.
By default, both the GANNO and GSLIDE procedures scale graphics output from the data set to fill the entire graphics area. However, if you are using a data coordinate system and the data values are so large that some of the graphics elements do not fit in the graphics output area and are not displayed, you can use the GANNO procedure with the DATASYS option. This will cause the procedure to scale the output to fit the available space. The GSLIDE procedure does not have this capability.
Displaying Annotate Graphics with the GANNO Procedure displays output from an Annotate data set.
Displaying Annotate Graphics with the GANNO Procedure
Displaying Annotate Graphics with the GANNO Procedure
The program for this graph is in Scaling Data-Dependent Output.