GTILE Procedure

Chart Variables

The GTILE procedure produces charts based on the values of the chart's size variable, and the values of a TILEBY level variable. The chart's size variable must be numeric. All the values are treated as discrete. The sum of the chart's size variable value determines the size of each tile. The chart's size variable is also used to color each tile, unless a color variable is specified with the COLORVAL= option.
At least one TILEBY= variable is required. The values of this variable or variable list determine the tile categories, as well as the chart levels (or subsets).
The levels are visually represented in the chart by line colors and line style. The top level is indicated by a thick line and the darkest color. The next level is represented by a thinner line and the darkest color. The third level and any subsequent levels are represented by the thickest line and the darkest color. Each level is also represented in the navigation status bar in the top left corner of the chart.
Note: For Java, an indicator to the left of the legend identifies the name of the chart's size variable.