GTILE Procedure

Overview: GTILE Procedure

The GTILE procedure creates charts that consist of rectangles or squares that are divided into tile-shaped segments. These charts are sometimes referred to as rectangular tree maps. The GTILE charts represent the relative sizes of tiles to one another and to the whole. The GTILE procedure provides three statements that you can use to define the layout in order to visualize your data. The statements require one numeric variable. This variable defines the size of the chart tiles.
The TILEBY= statement is followed by any number of numeric or character variables that are delineated by a comma or a blank space (see Chart Variables). By providing multiple TILEBY variables, and specifying either a JAVA or ACTIVEX device with the DEVICE= option, you can use the GTILE procedure to create interactive charts. These charts enable you to display subsets (or levels) of your data. You can assign an additional numeric variable as a color variable using the COLORVAR= option.