Deciding Which Device to Use

The default device for each ODS destination generates optimal results for that destination. It is recommended that you use the default device whenever possible. If you do not specify a device, then SAS/GRAPH automatically uses the default device listed in SAS/GRAPH Devices and the Output They Generate for each open destination.
Note: If you are working with multiple open destinations, see Specifying Devices and Styles with Multiple Open Destinations.
If you need to specify a different device, you should specify one of the recommended devices in the table in SAS/GRAPH Devices and the Output They Generate. If you specify a device that cannot be used with an open destination, SAS/GRAPH switches to a device that produces similar results as the device that you specified.
The SAS/GRAPH device that you specify should be appropriate for your specific output device. For example, if you are using a color PostScript printer and you select a device for a black and white PostScript printer, your graph will not print in color.
When you are sending output to the HTML destination, there are several devices that you can specify. See Selecting a Type of Web Presentation for information and recommendations on which device to use.
Note: High resolution devices such as PNG300 and JPEG300 are not appropriate choices for the HTML destination. Web browsers cannot display images in high resolution, so high resolution images appear very large. These drivers are appropriate for high resolution output that can be inserted into other software applications.
When you are running SAS without a terminal, you must either specify the DEVICE= option in the GOPTIONS statement or specify the DEVICE= or PRINTER= option in the ODS destination statement. You will not have a terminal associated with your SAS session if you are running in batch mode on z/OS, if you are running SAS on UNIX without an X Server, or if you have specified the NOTERMINAL system option. See SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide for information about specifying the DEVICE= and PRINTER= options on the ODS destination statements.