Displaying an Image in a Graph Background

To place an image on the graph background, use the IBACK= option in a GOPTIONS statement. Specify either the path to the image file in quotation marks or a fileref that has been defined to point to the image file as follows:
goptions iback="external-image-file" | fileref;
For example, the following program creates a pie chart with a background image:
goptions reset=all 
         colors=(cx7c95ca cxde7d6f  cx66ada0
                 cxb689cd cxa9865b cxbabc5c)
title "Projected Automobile Sales";
data sales;
    input Month Amount;
    informat month monyy.;
jan08 200
feb08 145
mar08 220
apr08 180
may08 155
jun08 250
proc sort;
   by month;
proc gchart;
   format month monname8.;
   pie month / discrete freq=amount value=inside
               noheading coutline=black;
Because the default value for the IMAGESTYLE= graphics option is TILE, the image is copied as many times as needed to fill the background area.
Pie Chart with Tiled Image in the Background
You can specify IMAGESTYLE=FIT in the GOPTIONS statement to stretch the image so that a single image fits within the entire background area.
Pie Chart with Stretched Image in the Background