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Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary


Specifies the default height of the text in the graphics output.
Used in: GOPTIONS statement
Default: One cell
Restriction: partially supported by Java



HTEXT=text-height <units>

text-height <units>

specifies the height of the text; by default text-height is 1. For a description of units, see Specifying Units of Measurement.

Note:   If a value for units is not specified, the current units associated with the GUNIT graphics option are used.  [cautionend]


HTEXT= is overridden by the HTITLE= graphics option for the first TITLE line.

Note:   When you use ODS to send graphics to an HTML destination, and titles and footnotes are rendered as part of the HTML body file instead of the graphic image, you must specify the ODS USEGOPT statement for this option to work. See Using Graphics Options with ODS (USEGOPT) for more information.  [cautionend]

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