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Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary

Specifying Graphics Options and Device Parameters

Use a GOPTIONS statement to specify the graphics options. Some graphics options can also be specified in an OPTIONS statement. Use the GDEVICE procedure to specify the device parameters. (See GOPTIONS Statement and The GDEVICE Procedure for details.)

Note:   The syntax for device parameters is the syntax for specifying parameters when using the GDEVICE procedure statements. With the GDEVICE windows, simply enter values into fields in the windows.  [cautionend]

Note:   The values that you specify for any option or parameter must be valid for the device. If you specify a value that exceeds the device's capabilities, SAS/GRAPH software reverts to values that can be used with the device.  [cautionend]

Specifying Units of Measurement

When the syntax of an option includes units, use one of these unless the syntax specifies otherwise:


character cells






percentage of the graphics output area


points (there are approximately 72 points in an inch).

If you omit units, a unit specification is searched for in this order:

  1. the value of GUNIT= in a GOPTIONS statement

  2. the default unit, CELLS.

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