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The GDEVICE Procedure

COPY Statement

Copies a device entry and places the copy in the current catalog. The original device entry can be either in the current catalog or in a different catalog.
Requirements: You must have write access to the catalog where the device entry is being copied.
Restriction: Not valid in browse mode.
See also: Creating or Modifying Device Entries
Featured in: Creating a Custom Device Entry with Program Statements

COPY device-entry where;

Where where must be one or both of these options:

FROM=<libref.>SAS catalog


Required Arguments


specifies the one-level name of the device entry to copy.

Restriction: The entry must exist in the current catalog (the default) or the catalog specified by FROM= argument.
FROM=<libref.>SAS catalog

names the catalog from which to copy device-entry.


specifies a name for the copy of the device entry that is placed in the current catalog. New-device-entry must be a valid name for a SAS catalog entry and cannot already exist in the current catalog.

If you copy device entries across catalogs and you do not specify a new name, the GDEVICE procedure uses the original name for the new device entry.

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