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The GDEVICE Procedure

Example 1: Creating a Custom Device Entry with Program Statements

COPY statement

MODIFY statement

Pie Chart Created with Default WIN Device Entry

[Pie Chart of SASHELP.CLASS]

This example shows how to use GDEVICE procedure statements to modify a device entry by copying the original entry into a personal catalog and changing the device parameters.

This example permanently changes the default color list for the WIN device entry.

 Note about code
libname gdevice0 "SAS-data-library";
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proc gdevice nofs catalog=gdevice0.devices;
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copy win from=sashelp.devices newname=mypscol;
 Note about code
 modify mypscol
  description="WIN with new color list"
  colors=(black cx95c051 cxA359B2 cxD65259 cx69D6D2 cxFFB74F cx929cff); 
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 Note about code
goptions target=mypscol;
proc gchart data=sashelp.class; 
  pie age/discrete noheading;

Pie Chart Created with Customized WIN Device Entry

[Pie Chart with New Device Colors]

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