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Specifying Fonts in SAS/GRAPH Programs

TrueType Fonts That Are Supplied by SAS

SAS/GRAPH installs and registers a set of TrueType fonts, that are referred to collectively as system fonts. TrueType fonts that are shipped with SAS are listed in TrueType Fonts Supplied by SAS.

You can use these fonts in your SAS programs by assigning the font name to font options, enclosed in quotes. For example, you can specify the following:

goptions ftext="Thorndale AMT";

TrueType Fonts Supplied by SAS
Albany AMT* Thorndale Duospace WT SC GungsuhChe
Cumberland AMT* Thorndale Duospace WT TC Dotum
Thorndale AMT* Arial Symbol* DotumChe
Symbol MT Times New Roman Symbol* Gulim
Monotype Sorts MS PMincho GulimChe
Monotype Sans WT J MS Mincho NSimSun
Monotype Sans WT K MS PGothic SimHei
Monotype Sans WT SC MS UI Gothic SimSun
Monotype Sans WT TC Batang PMingLiU
Thorndale Duospace WT J BatangChe MingLiU
Thorndale Duospace WT K Gungsuh HeiT
* Albany AMT, Cumberland AMT, Thorndale AMT, Arial Symbol, and Times New Roman Symbol are font families. Normal, bold, italic, and bold italic versions of these fonts are provided.

For more information, see TrueType Fonts That Are Supplied By SAS in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.

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