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Specifying Fonts in SAS/GRAPH Programs

SAS/GRAPH, System, and Device-Resident Fonts

There are three types of fonts that you can use when you generate output with SAS/GRAPH.


fonts stored in the SASHELP.FONTS catalog, and fonts created by the user and stored in a GFONTn catalog. These fonts can be used only by SAS/GRAPH procedures or other procedures that generate GRSEG output files. Examples of SAS/GRAPH fonts include Swiss, Simulate, and Marker. These fonts are provided for specialized purposes only. For information on these fonts, see Using SAS/GRAPH Fonts.

system fonts

fonts that can be used by any SAS procedure and by other software, such as Microsoft Word. These fonts include TrueType and Type1 fonts. Examples of system fonts include Albany AMT, Monotype Sorts, and Arial. Some system fonts, such as Helvetica, can also be present as device-resident fonts. System fonts are installed on the operating system, and then registered with SAS using the FONTREG procedure. System fonts generally provide the highest quality output. SAS/GRAPH installs and registers a set of TrueType fonts, and it is recommended that you use these fonts whenever possible. See TrueType Fonts That Are Supplied by SAS for more information.

device-resident fonts

fonts that are burned into the chips in a device's hardware. These fonts are specific to the device being used and are not portable between devices. Some device-resident fonts, such as Helvetica, can also be present as system fonts.

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