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The GKPI Procedure

Example 1: Using the Default Colors as the Active Colors

Procedure features:

PROC GKPI statement option: MODE=RAISED

HSLIDER statement options:





Sample Library Member: GKPGRSLD

[horizontal slider using default colors as active colors]

The default colors described in Default Colors can be used as the active colors instead of the inactive colors. This example uses the same value of gray for all segments for the inactive color. It uses the red, orange, yellow-green, and green colors shown in GKPI Procedure Default Colors as the active colors.

 Note about code
goptions reset=all device=javaimg xpixels=180 ypixels=110;
 Note about code
ods listing close;
ods html style=listing;
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proc gkpi mode=raised;
hslider actual=-6.7 bounds=(-10 -5 0 5 10) /
   colors=(cxB2B2B2 cxB2B2B2 cxB2B2B2 cxB2B2B2)
   activecolors=(cxD06959 cxE1A05D cxBDCD5F cx84AF5B);
 Note about code
ods html close;

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