Generate the KPI chart. Specify the segment boundaries, actual KPI value, and colors. Boundary values can be positive or negative or both, but must be specified in either ascending or descending order. All colors are specified as hexadecimal RGB values. The same value of gray, cxB2B2B2, is used as the inactive color for all segments. The default colors listed in Hexadecimal Values for GKPI Procedure Default Colors are used as the active colors.

proc gkpi mode=raised;
hslider actual=-6.7 bounds=(-10 -5 0 5 10) /
   colors=(cxB2B2B2 cxB2B2B2 cxB2B2B2 cxB2B2B2)
   activecolors=(cxD06959 cxE1A05D cxBDCD5F cx84AF5B);