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The GKPI Procedure


The following examples illustrate major features of the GKPI procedure. Each of these examples uses the XPIXELS and YPIXELS options on the GOPTIONS statement to scale the KPI charts to a size that would be appropriate for use in a dashboard. These examples also specify STYLE=LISTING option on the ODS HTML statement, which produces a white background instead of the default gray background normally used by the HTML destination.

Note:   When using procedures that support RUN-group processing, include a QUIT statement after the last RUN statement. Using the QUIT statement is especially important when the procedure is supposed to completely terminate within the boundaries of an ODS destination (for example, ODS HTML; procedure-code; ODS HTML CLOSE; ). See RUN-Group Processing for more information.  [cautionend]


Example 1: Using the Default Colors as the Active Colors

Example 2: Creating a Gray Scale Bullet Graph

Example 3: Creating a Dial KPI Chart

Example 4: Defining a Speedometer

Example 5: Defining a Speedometer with Reversed Colors

Example 6: Creating a Traffic Light

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