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The GAREABAR Procedure

Example 3: Generating an Area Bar Chart with Subgroups

Procedure features: HBAR Statement, SUBGROUP=, SUMVAR=, RSTAT=, WSTAT=
Sample library member: GABSUBGR

Area Bar Chart with Subgroups (gabsubgr)

[Subgrouped Area Bar Chart]

This example uses the SUBGROUP= option to display the same statistics as displayed by Examples 1 and 2. Similar to Example 1, this example shows the total sales for each of the three geographic sites. The relative thickness of each bar represents the number of salespersons at each site.

The addition of subgroups to this chart shows the relative percentage of sales for each quarter. This chart demonstrates that all of the sites had most of their sales posted in the fourth quarter.

 Note about code
goptions reset=all dev=activex;
 Note about code
data totals; 
 input Site $ Quarter Sales Salespersons; 
format Sales dollar12.2;
Lima 1 4043.97  4 
NY    1 8225.26 12 
Rome  1 3543.97  6 
Lima  2 3723.44  5 
NY     2 8595.07 18 
Rome  2 5558.29 10 
Lima  3 4437.96  8 
NY      3 9847.91 24 
Rome  3 6789.85 14 
Lima  4 6065.57 10 
NY     4 11388.51 26 
Rome 4  8509.08 16 
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ods listing close;
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ods html;
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proc gareabar data=totals;
   hbar site*salespersons /
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ods html close;
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ods listing;

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