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The GAREABAR Procedure

Example 4: Area Bar Chart with Subgroups; Using the RSTAT= option and the WSTAT= option to Calculate Statistics as Percentages

Procedure features: HBAR Statement, SUBGROUP=, RSTAT=, WSTAT=
Sample library member: GABWSTAT

Area Bar Chart with Subgroups and Percentage Statistics (gabwstat)

[Sbugrouped Area Chart with Percentages]

This example uses the RSTAT= option and the WSTAT= option to calculate percentages for the length variable (sumvar) and the width variable (chart variable). The SUBGROUP= option subgroups each bar by quarter.

When the SUBGROUP= option is specified, you can use the RSTAT= option to specify whether the SUMVAR= option variable is to be calculated as a percentage or as a sum.

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goptions reset=all dev=activex;
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data totals; 
input Site $ Quarter Sales Salespersons; 
format Sales dollar12.2;
Lima    1   4043.97    4 
NY       1   8225.26  12 
Rome   1   3543.97    6 
Lima    2   3723.44    5 
NY       2   5558.29  10 
Lima    3   4437.96    8 
NY       3   9847.91  24 
Rome   3   6789.85  14 
Lima    4   6065.57  10 
NY       4 11388.51  26 
Rome   4   8509.08  16 
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ods listing close;
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ods html;
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proc gareabar data=totals;
   hbar site*salespersons /
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ods html close;
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ods listing;

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