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The GAREABAR Procedure

Example 2: Generating an Area Bar Chart with a Numeric Chart Variable

Procedure features: VBAR Statement, SUMVAR=, WSTAT=
Sample library member: GABNUMVR

Area Bar Chart with Numeric Chart Variable (gabnumvr)

[Area Bar Chart with Numeric Chart Variable]

This chart displays a numeric chart variable, QUARTER, representing the four quarters of an unspecified year. The GAREABAR procedure treats all values of a numeric chart variables as discrete, unless the CONTINUOUS option is used. GAREABAR does not calculate midpoints.

The total sales for each quarter of the year is represented by the height of each bar along the vertical axis. The width of each bar along the horizontal axis indicates the percentage of salespersons during each quarter. The chart shows the correlation between the number of salespersons, and the total sales.

 Note about code
goptions reset=all dev=activex;
 Note about code
data totals; 
 input Site $ Quarter Sales Salespersons; 
format Sales dollar12.2;
Lima  1 4043.97    4 
NY     1  8225.26   12 
Rome  1 3543.97    6 
Lima  2  3723.44    5 
NY      2  8595.07   18 
Rome  2 5558.29   10 
Lima  3 4437.96    8 
NY     3  9847.91   24 
Rome  3 6789.85   14 
Lima  4  6065.57   10 
NY     4  11388.51  26 
Rome  4  8509.08   16 
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ods listing close;
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ods html;
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proc gareabar data=totals;
   vbar quarter*salespersons/
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ods html close;
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ods listing;

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