The SASEXFSD Interface Engine

The ExtractOFDBItem Factlet

The ExtractOFDBItem factlet provides access to a list of securities and multiple data items for a range of dates uploaded into a single Open FactSet Database (OFDB). An OFDB is a high-performance multidimensional database system that securely stores proprietary numeric and textual data in FactSet.The ExtractOFDBItem factlet uses the options listed in Table 44.16, such as the OFDB= option, which specifies the OFDB file. Use either the IDS= option, which specifies the IDs for one or more securities, or the ISON= and ISONPARAMS= options, which specify an FQL formula (ISON code) that extracts the universe along with any ISON parameters necessary for the ISON code. Use the ITEMS= option to specify one or more items in the OFDB file. Use the DATES= option to specify a date range in YYYYMMDD:YYYYMMDD:freq format, or use FQL dates when FQLFLAG=Y (yes). By default, FQLFLAG=N (no). The DATESONLY= option specifies whether only the dates in the OFDB file are reported. By default, DATESONLY=N. The ORIENTATION= option supports only ETI, which is the default.

Table 44.16: ExtractOFDBItem Factlet Options




Specifies the OFDB file


Specifies one or more securities; for example, IDS=IBM, GM


Specifies the FQL value that extracts the universe; for example, ISON_SP500 is entered as ISON=SP500, and ISON_MSCI_WORLD(0,1) is written as ISON=MSCI_WORLD.


Specifies the parameters for the ISON codes that use parameters; for example, ISON_MSCI_WORLD(0,1) is written as ISONPARAMS=0,1.


Specifies one or more data items from the OFDB file


Specifies dates in the format YYYYMMDD:YYYYMMDD:F or relative dates in relative format, such as -1b:-4b:m


Specifies one date in the format YYYYMMDD (default is 0B, for today’s date)


Specifies that dates are reported from the OFDB file only when the option is set to Y (default is N)


Sets dates to use FQL instead of screening; FQLFLAG=N (default) or Y


Specifies an optional orientation (default is currently ETI)