The SASEXFSD Interface Engine

FactSet Data and FactSet Sourced Data

The SASEXFSD interface engine enables SAS users to access both FactSet data and FactSet sourced data that are provided by the FactSet OnDemand service. FactSet OnDemand offerings can provide access to many databases. Because the list of available data is constantly changing, Table 44.19 is included for instructional purposes only. Many other data offerings are available that are not shown in Table 44.19.

Table 44.19: Sample FactSet Data Types

Pricing and IPO Data


Broker Research

Commodity Benchmarks

Equity Benchmarks

Fixed Income Benchmarks

Mutual Fund/Account Return Data

Economic Data

Financial News and Events/Corporate Information

Quantitative Data

Options Data

Investment Banking Data

Fixed Income Data

Deal Data

Other Databases