The SASEXCCM Interface Engine

Example 40.9 Retrieving Information for Availability of Group INDNOs

This example shows how to retrieve header information about group data and how to obtain a list of all the available INDNO keys in the IND database. The INDNO= option is intentionally omitted so that a default list is generated of all INDNOs in the database that are available for SETID 440.

title 'Retrieve Header Information for a Complete INDNO list';
libname _all_ clear;

libname crsp sasexccm

data dgindts_all;
   set crsp.indhdrg;

proc print data=dgindts_all(keep=kyindno indnameg); run;

Output 40.9.1: Daily Group Indices Header by INDNO

Retrieve Header Information for a Complete INDNO list

1 1000012 CRSP NYSE Market Capitalization Deciles
2 1000032 CRSP Amex Market Capitalization Deciles
3 1000052 CRSP NYSE/Amex Market Capitalization Deciles
4 1000072 CRSP Nasdaq Market Capitalization Deciles
5 1000092 CRSP NYSE/Amex/Nasdaq Market Capitalization Deciles
6 1000112 CRSP NYSE/Amex Beta Deciles
7 1000132 CRSP NYSE/Amex Standard Deviation Deciles
8 1000152 CRSP Nasdaq Beta Deciles
9 1000172 CRSP Nasdaq Standard Deviation Deciles