The SASEXCCM Interface Engine

Missing Values

In general, CRSP missing values are represented as ‘.’ in the SAS data set. When accessing the CCM database, the SASEXCCM engine interprets missing values according to the conditions and codes defined by Compustat and represents them as SAS missing codes, as shown in Table 40.3.

Table 40.3: Mapping of Compustat and SAS Missing Codes

Missing Value

Missing Code




No data for data item



Data are available only on a semi-annual basis



Data are available only on an annual basis



Combined into other item



Data are not meaningful



Reported as insignificant

Missing value codes conform with Compustat’s Strategic Insight and binary conventions for missing values. For more information about how CRSP handles Compustat missing codes, see the section "Notes on Missing Values" in the second chapter of the CRSP/Compustat Merged Database Guide.