The SASEQUAN Interface Engine

Available Time Series for Each Quandl Code

Quandl data sets can contain different numbers of time series at various frequencies. To get the list of time series for a specific source, use the Quandl search capability by entering the following URL in your web browser and specify the source ID that corresponds to that Quandl code. For example, the following URL retrieves a list of all time series for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC, source_ids=692):*?source_ids=692&api_key=your_quan_apikey

A shortcut to this source is at the URL .

Under International Organizations, you can see the UNODC code, which links to the list of available time series and their native frequencies and descriptions. You can use the data-sources URL to obtain the necessary information to request time series data for any of the listed data source that you want to query.