Right Mouse Button Options

A pop-up menu often appears when you right-click within table editors. The menus offer tools to aid in the management of the table’s entries. Most table editors provide the following options.

Figure 59.4: Right-Clicking Options

Right-Clicking Options

Add creates a blank row.

Delete removes any currently selected row.

Copy duplicates the currently selected row.

Sort arranges the rows in chronological order according to the date variable.

Clear empties the table of all rows.

Save opens the Save Dataset dialog box where you can save the all rows to a SAS Dataset for later use.

Load opens the Load Dataset dialog box where you select a SAS Dataset to fill the rows.

If you want to perform one of these actions on a collection of rows, you must select a collection of rows before right-clicking. To select an adjacent list of rows, do the following: click the first pair, hold down SHIFT, and click the final pair. After the list of rows is selected, you may release the SHIFT key.