Saving Data from a List to a SAS Data Set

Right-click in the area you want to hold the list, and release on Save. This opens the Save Dataset dialog box.

Figure 59.3: Save Dataset Dialog Box

Save Dataset Dialog Box

The following items are displayed:

Dataset Name holds the SAS data set name to which you want to save.

Browse opens the standard SAS Save As dialog box, which enables you to find an existing SAS data set to overwrite.

Dataset Label holds a user-defined description to be saved as the label of the SAS data set.

OK saves the current data to the SAS data set specified in Dataset Name. If the specified SAS data set does not already exist, clicking OK saves the SAS data set and returns you to the calling dialog box. If the specified SAS data set does already exist, clicking OK warns you and enables you to replace the old SAS data set with the new SAS data set or cancel the save attempt.

Cancel aborts the save process. Clicking Cancel returns you to the calling dialog box without attempting to save.