Loading a SAS Data Set into a List

Right-click in the area that you want to load the list and release on Load. This opens the Load Dataset dialog box (see FigureĀ 59.2).

Figure 59.2: Load Dataset Dialog Box

Load Dataset Dialog Box

The following items are displayed:

Dataset Name holds the name of the SAS data set that you want to load.

Browse opens the standard SAS Open dialog box, which aids in finding a SAS data set to load. If there is a Date variable in the SAS data set, Investment Analysis loads it into the list. If there is no Date variable, it loads the first available time-formatted variable. If an amount or rate variable is needed, Investment Analysis searches the SAS data set for a Amount or Rate variable to use. Otherwise it takes the first numeric variable that is not used by the Date variable.

Dataset Label holds a SAS data set label.

OK attempts to load the SAS data set specified in Dataset Name. If the specified SAS data set exists, clicking OK returns you to the calling dialog box with the selected SAS data set filling the list. If the specified SAS data set does not exist and you click OK, you receive an error message and no SAS data set is loaded.

Cancel returns you to the calling dialog box without loading a SAS data set.