The SIMILARITY Procedure


The OUTPATH= data set records the path analysis between each INPUT and TARGET statement variable. This data set records the path sequences for each slide index and for each warp index associated with the slide index. The sequence values recorded are normalized and scaled based on the NORMALIZE= and SCALE= options.

The OUTPATH= data set contains the variables specified in the BY statement and the following variables:


input variable name


target variable name


time ID values


slide index


warp index


input sequence values


target sequence values


input path index


target path index


distance metric values

The Warp Index indicates the total amount of warping for each slide. A negative number represents compression of the target sequence. A positive number represents expansion of the target sequence. The Warp Index is always zero for SLIDE=NONE and SLIDE=SEASON.

The sorting of the OUTPATH= data set depends on the SORTNAMES and the ORDER= option.

The OUTPATH= data set is ordered by the variables _INPUT_, then _TARGET_, then _TIMEID_ when ORDER=INPUTTARGET or ORDER=INPUT. The OUTPATH= data set is ordered by the variables _TARGET_, then _INPUT_, then _TIMEID_ when ORDER=TARGETINPUT or ORDER=TARGET.

If there are a large number of slides or warps or both, this data set might be large.