The ESM Procedure

Printed Output

The ESM procedure optionally produces printed output by using the Output Delivery System (ODS). By default, the procedure produces no printed output. All output is controlled by the PRINT= and PRINTDETAILS options in the PROC ESM statement. In general, if a forecasting step that is related to printed output fails, the values of this step are not printed and appropriate error or warning messages are recorded in the log. The printed output is similar to the output data sets.

The printed output produced by the PRINT= option values is described as follows:


prints the summary statistics and forecast summaries similar to the OUTSUM= data set.


prints the parameter estimates similar to the OUTEST= data set.


prints the forecasts similar to the OUTFOR= data set.


prints the performance statistics.


prints the performance summary for each BY group.


prints the performance summary for all BY groups.


prints the backcast, initial, and final smoothed states.


prints the statistics of fit similar to the OUTSTAT= data set.

The PRINTDETAILS option is the opposite of the NOOUTALL option. Specifically, if PRINT=FORECASTS and the PRINTDETAILS options are specified in the PROC ESM statement, the one-step-ahead forecasts through the range of the data are printed in addition to the information related to a specific forecasting model, such as the smoothing states. If the PRINTDETAILS option is not specified, only the multistep forecasts are printed.