The COMPUTAB Procedure



The following options can be used in the PROC COMPUTAB statement.

Input Options


names the SAS data set that contains the input data. If this option is not specified, the last created data set is used. If you are not reading a data set, use DATA=_NULL_.


specifies the criterion to use when testing for 0. If a number is within the FUZZ= value of 0, the number is set to 0.


initializes the COMPUTAB data table to missing rather than to 0. The COMPUTAB data table is discussed further in the section Details: COMPUTAB Procedure.



prevents the transposition of the input data set in building the COMPUTAB report tables. The NOTRANS option causes input data set variables to appear among the columns of the report rather than among the rows.

Report Formatting Options

The formatting options specify default values. Many of the formatting options can be modified for specific columns in COLUMNS statements and for rows in ROWS statements.


specifies the default number of decimal places for printing. The default is CDEC=2. See the FORMAT= option in the sections on COLUMN, ROWS, and CELL statements later in this chapter.


specifies the default number of spaces to insert between columns. The value of the CSPACE= option is used as the default value for the +n option in the COLUMNS statement. The default is CSPACE=2.


specifies a default column width for the report. The default is CWIDTH=9. The width must be in the range of 1–32.


suppresses the printing of row titles on each page. The NORTR (no row-title repeat) option is useful to suppress row titles when report pages are to be joined together in a larger report.


specifies the default number of spaces to be inserted before row titles when row titles appear after the first printed column. The default row-title spacing is RTS=2.

Output Options


suppresses all printed output. Use the NOPRINT option with the OUT= option to produce an output data set but no printed reports.


lists PROC COMPUTAB option values. The option values appear on a separate page preceding the procedure’s normal output.


names the SAS data set to contain the output data. See the section Details: COMPUTAB Procedure for a description of the structure of the output data set.


suppresses printing of detailed reports. When the SUMONLY option is used, PROC COMPUTAB generates and prints only consolidation tables as specified in the SUMBY statement.