The COMPUTAB Procedure

Overview: COMPUTAB Procedure

The COMPUTAB (computing and tabular reporting) procedure produces tabular reports generated using a programmable data table.

The COMPUTAB procedure is especially useful when you need both the power of a programmable spreadsheet and a report generation system, but you want to set up a program to run in a batch mode and generate routine reports.

With PROC COMPUTAB, you can select a subset of observations from the input data set, define the format of a table, operate on its row and column values, and create new columns and rows. Access to individual table values is available when needed.

The COMPUTAB procedure can tailor reports to almost any desired specification and provide consolidation reports over summarization variables. The generated report values can be stored in an output data set. PROC COMPUTAB is especially useful in creating tabular reports such as income statements, balance sheets, and other row and column reports.