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The TIMESERIES Procedure

Example 27.3 Illustration of ODS Graphics

This example illustrates the use of ODS graphics.

The following statements use the SASHELP.WORKERS data set to study the time series of electrical workers and its interaction with the series of masonry workers. The series plot, the correlation panel, the seasonal adjustment panel, and all cross-series plots are requested. Output 27.3.1 through Output 27.3.4 show a selection of the plots created.

The graphical displays are requested by specifying the ODS GRAPHICS statement and the PLOTS= or CROSSPLOTS= options in the PROC TIMESERIES statement. For information about the graphics available in the TIMESERIES procedure, see the section ODS Graphics Names.

   title "Illustration of ODS Graphics";
   proc timeseries data=sashelp.workers out=_null_
                   plots=(series corr decomp)
      id date interval=month;
      var electric;
      crossvar masonry;

Output 27.3.1 Series Plot
 Series Plot

Output 27.3.2 Correlation Panel
Correlation Panel

Output 27.3.3 Seasonal Decomposition Panel
Seasonal Decomposition Panel

Output 27.3.4 Cross-Correlation Plot
Cross-Correlation Plot

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