Tree View

The tree view is displayed on the left side of the desktop. The following display shows the tree view.
Sample Tree Views
The tree view can display the following components.
Tree View Components
How to Display the Component
Folders tree
Displays by default.
Organizes metadata into folders that are shared across a number of SAS applications. My Folder and Shared Data are the folders that you use most of the time. For more information, see Folders Tree.
Inventory tree
Displays by default.
Displays metadata for objects that are registered on the current metadata server, such as tables and libraries. Metadata can be accessed in folders that group metadata by type, such as Table, Library, and so on. For more information, see Inventory Tree.
Transformations tree
Displays by default.
Displays transformations that can be dragged and dropped into SAS Data Integration Studio jobs. For more information, see Working with Transformations.
Basic Properties pane
Select Viewthen selectBasic Properties from the desktop.
Displays the basic properties of an object selected in a tree view.
Checkouts tree
Displays automatically when you are working under change management.
Displays metadata that has been checked out for update, as well as any new metadata that has not been checked in. For more information, see Checkouts Tree.