Tools-Options Window

The Options window is used to specify global options for SAS Data Integration Studio. To display this window, select Tools then selectOptions from the desktop. The following table describes the purpose of each tab in the Options window. For more information about each tab, see the Help for that tab.
Option Window Tabs
Specifies general user interface options, such as whether SAS Data Integration Studio should prompt before discarding changes to metadata.
Job Editor
Specifies interface options for the Job Editor, such as the default zoom level, or whether the metadata for columns and column mappings should be automatically propagated in a process flow.
Code Editor
Specifies interface options for the Code tab in the Job Editor window, such as whether to display line numbers.
SAS Server
Specifies the default SAS Application Server for SAS Data Integration Studio and enables you to set options for submitting jobs to a grid.
View Data
Specifies interface options for the View Data window, such as whether View Data should prompt before proceeding with a lengthy navigation operation.
Code Generation
Specifies how SAS Data Integration Studio generates code for new jobs. For example, you can specify whether optional macro variables should be added to the code that is generated for new jobs.
Data Quality
Specifies options that are used by the transformations in the Data Quality folder of the Transformations tree. For example, you can specify the location of the DQ setup file.