Delete Tables


Unlike other features described in this chapter, the Delete Table action is not a data management directive. It is an action that is available in many directives. The Delete Table action is available on the Action menu action menu icon for any directive that has a Source Table task. You can select one source table at a time in the data source (in either the grid view or the list view) and use the Delete Table action to delete the selected table.

Deleting a Table

To delete a table:
  1. On a Source Table task, select the table that you want to delete.
  2. Access the Action menu in one of two ways:
    • In either the grid view or the list view, click the Action menu Action Menu Icon on the menu bar and select the Delete Table action.
      Delete Table Action in Grid View
    • In the list view only, click the Action menu at the end of the Description cell for the selected table.
      Action Menu Icon in the List View
      Select the Delete Table action.
      Action Menu Icon in List View
    Note: Although you can select multiple tables in the list view, you can delete only one table at a time.
  3. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click Cancel to cancel the deletion.
    Delete Table Confirmation
    You cannot undo a table deletion.
    Click OK to confirm the deletion of the table.

Usage Notes

If you attempt to delete a table in HDFS, and you do not have the appropriate privileges in HDFS to complete that action, the Hive metadata about the table is deleted, but the table might remain after the delete.
Cloudera 5.4 does not support the Delete Table action.
You can use the Delete Table action to delete a view as well. However, if you delete a view, the underlying table that contains the data in the view is not deleted. If you want to delete a table, you must explicitly delete it using the Delete Table action.