Establishing Shared Access to SAS Data Sets

Overview of Establishing Shared Access

The following figure provides a logical view of accessing SAS data sets through a SAS/SHARE server.
Establishing Shared Access to SAS Data Sets
Establishing Shared Access to SAS Data Sets
Base SAS libraries allow the following access:
  • Any number of users can read data.
  • A single user can write or update data.
This access can be extended through the use of the SAS/SHARE server. A SAS/SHARE server permits multiple users to update the same items in a SAS library.
You can share access to a library of existing SAS data sets by using a SAS/SHARE server to manage access to the data. Assume that the SAS/SHARE software has already been loaded by using the standard installation wizard, and that you have a SAS/SHARE server registered in metadata (for example, SHAREServer) that was created by the wizard. Configuring shared access is a two-stage process:
  1. Create a SAS/SHARE REMOTE Engine Library. This library is assigned to a SAS Application Server, as shown in the previous figure.
  2. While creating the SAS/SHARE REMOTE Engine Library, choose the option to register a new library to the SAS/SHARE server. This is shown in the previous figure as a Base SAS library. It is very important to pre-assign this library and to assign it to the SAS/SHARE server.

Create a SAS/SHARE Remote Engine Library

To create a SAS/SHARE Remote Engine library, perform the following steps:
  1. In SAS Management Console, expand Data Library Manager. Right-click Libraries. Then, select the New Library option to access the New Library wizard.
  2. Select SAS/SHARE REMOTE Engine Library from the SAS Data list. Click Next.
  3. Enter an appropriate library name in the Name field (for example, SharedAccessToOrionGold). You can supply an optional description. Click Next.
  4. Select one or more SAS servers (not a SAS/SHARE server at this point) and click the right arrow. The library is available to the servers included in this list and visible to users of the server. Click Next.
  5. Enter a value for Libref and click Next.
  6. Enter the following library properties:
    Server and Connection Information
    Sample Value
    SAS/SHARE Server
    SAS/SHARE Server Library
    Click New to register a new library such as a Base SAS library. Assign the new library to the SAS/SHARE Server and set the library as pre-assigned.
    Default Login
    (None) (This default login is used to resolve conflicts between multiple logins to an authentication domain. In such cases, the default login is used.)
    Click Next.
  7. Examine the final page of the wizard (for the SAS/SHARE REMOTE Engine Library) to ensure that the proper values have been entered. Click Finish to save the settings.
  8. Restart the SAS/SHARE server.
At this point, register tables as explained in Registering and Verifying Tables.