The ACCESS Procedure for PC Files

TYPE Statement

Changes the expected data types of SAS variables.
Note: for DIF, WK1, WK3, WK4, Excel 4, Excel 5, and Excel 95 file formats under Windows operating environments


TYPE 'column-identifier-1' = C | N <'column-identifier-n'>= C | N;


SAS data sets have two data types: character (C) and numeric (N). Spreadsheet files have the same two data types: character (for labels and formula strings) and numeric (for numbers and formulas). Changing the default data type of a SAS variable in a descriptor file also changes its associated default format in the loaded file.
If you omit the TYPE statement, the database field types are generated from the PC files data types. You can change as many database field types as you want in one TYPE statement.
This statement is not available for use with DBF files.