The ACCESS Procedure for PC Files

MIXED Statement

Determines whether to convert numeric data values in a column to their character representation when the corresponding SAS variable is expecting a character value.
Restriction: The MIXED= statement is an editing statement and must follow the CREATE statement and any database descriptions when you create an access descriptor.
Note: For WK1, WK3, WK4, Excel 4, Excel 5, and Excel 95 file formats under Windows operating environments




You use the MIXED= option with WKn and XLS files if you have both numeric and character data in a column. Specifying YES allows both numeric and character data to be displayed as SAS character data. NO, the default, treats any data in a column that does not match the specified type as missing values.
You can change the default value to YES by setting the SS_MIXED environment variable. SeeSetting Environment Variables for XLS Files for additional information.